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3 reasons why LED signs will increase your sales


Outdoor LED signs are the most effective method of promoting your products or services and increasing your sales through impulsive purchases. They work better than other advertising resources and this is why:

1. Affordable & Economical

LED Signs are affordable to buy compared to other types of signs. They are easy to install and operate and are low-energy consuming so you can keep them advertising your business even when your shop is closed.

2. Customisable

As we said before, they are easy to operate, which means you can change the displayed message* according to the campaigns you need to promote.

3. Good branding

The way you present yourself is the way people will perceive your brand and LED signs will definitely help you in boosting your brand. Remember: customers do judge a book by its cover. Continue reading “3 reasons why LED signs will increase your sales”


“A brand is simply trust”

“A brand is simply trust”
-Steve Jobs

A short yet powerful statement from the man who created one of the biggest brands in history!

Trust starts with people recognising your brand, and then immediately associating it with trust. This is where we come in.

We have been helping numerous brands to attain this recognition and develop this all important trust.

Our Circle of Trust - Large Brands_Our Clients

We would personally like to invite you into our circle of trust and show you what we can do for your brand.

We have saved a spot for you that will position you next to some of the biggest brands in Australia, all of which we have worked with.

Just call us on 0418 929 294, and we can start getting your brand the recognition and trust it deserves.

How To Make Your Signage Stand Out From The Crowd

It may seem hard to make your company’s signage stand out from the crowd nowadays but with a bit of effort, you can achieve it. Who said it would be impossible? Just take these tips into account, depending on your situation, and you will get there:

Flood Light Sign
Signage Design: shop front signs & indoor signage plus vehicle signage, all in one pack, by National Corporate Imaging.

SCENARIO #1: When thinking about getting new signage

1. Signage design

The signage design is probably the most important part. When designing your new signage, decide if it’s maybe time to modernize something on your signage (logo, sign designs, etc.) It could be the reason your signage is not standing out from the crowd because it’s looking old fashioned. But signage design is more than justsign design, it’s about designing the full set of signs that your business should have:
outdoor signs, indoor signs, wayfinding and vehicle graphics if necessary. So before starting anything it would be better if you got signage professional advice.

2. Signage Type Continue reading “How To Make Your Signage Stand Out From The Crowd”

The Three Best Choices Of Illuminated Signage

Thinking about what type of signage would be best for your business? If what you are after is to stand out from the crowd 24/7, you’d better start looking for some illuminated signage that allows you to be present even when you are away or your business is closed.

There are many types of illuminated signage that can be adapted to your needs, the most common are Neon Signs, LED Signage and Flood Lighting.

Neon Signage

Neon Sign
Sample Neon Sign / Photo: dcJohn (Flickr CC)

Neon Signage was very popular in toward the middle of the 1900’s and was the first type of illuminated signage available for commercial use. It is widely known because of their bright colours and works well for a limited style of business such as casinos, drive-thru restaurants and similar. Light-emitting tubes form Continue reading “The Three Best Choices Of Illuminated Signage”

8 Frequent Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Business Signage

The importance of signage can sometimes be overlooked. Signs serve as a type of silent salesperson for your business. Creative, attractive signage can draw attention to your place of business and can help your business stand apart from the competition. Installing random signage that has not been properly thought out can impact the professionalism you are trying to portray. There are some important points to keep in mind when planning your shop or corporate signage. In order to succeed from the get go, we suggest avoiding the following mistakes some other business owners make:

1. Making spelling errors

Misspelling on a coffee shop board
At least, they can erase and write again. / photo by Beatrice Murch (Flickr CC)

We all know misspelling is an unforgivable mistake, but it can be even worse if they are showing on your signage for all to see! By Murphy’s Law, signs with misspelt words will be highly noticed so be careful and double-check your design drafts before you sign off.  A good signage professional should catch these mistakes on time.

2. Using unintelligible fonts

There are so many font choices nowadays, beautiful fancy fonts, but not all of them work when it comes to signage. Continue reading “8 Frequent Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Business Signage”

How To Make The Most Of Your Signage This Holiday Season

It is nearly the end of another successful year and although the end is in sight, remember that 2015 has still valuable time left to make good business, so get ready to squeeze it until the last drop!

Besides having a good product or service to offer, the way you advertise it is the most important part of your business. Making the most of your signage is crucial and it is useful that you know how to apply this knowledge to your business.

There are many types of signage—besides the typical shop front sign—and depending on the sort of your business or shop, you can use one or another… or maybe all!

Check out these options and choose whichever is best for this holiday season:

  • Floor & Wall Wrapping: Floor graphics (also known as earth wrapping signage) and wall wrappings are easy to install and very effective if you place them in the right spot: entrances, down the stairs, up the escalators, etc.
Sample Earth Wrapping
Sample Earth Wrapping
  • Illuminated Signage: This will work for you when you are away. Your business doesn’t have to disappear only because it’s closed during the holiday season or by night.

Continue reading “How To Make The Most Of Your Signage This Holiday Season”

Tips For Caring And Maintaining Your Vehicle Wraps

Taking care of your vehicle wraps is especially important in a sunny place like Australia. UV rays, heat, dust, smog and humidity are some of the factors that can damage the wrapping of your vehicle if you don’t look after them once in a while.

Car Wrapping
One of our vehicle wrapping specialists in the process of applying vinyl film on a car.

The importance of this increases even more if your vehicle or vehicles are the on-motion adverts of your brand or company.  If this is the case, then your vehicle wrapping must look good, and by good we mean impeccable and vibrant all the time, not old, rusty or discoloured, because as a customer, what would you expect from a business that doesn’t even take care of themselves?

So… how to clean a wrapped vehicle?

A good cleaning can help to prolong the life of the wrapping. So you would need to take this into account:

  • Preferably, wash it by hand
  • Use a soft soap, with no abrasive components or strong solvents/alcohols
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth
  • Use a wax that doesn’t contain petroleum distillate (not use wax at all if it’s matte vinyl)
  • If you can’t wash it by hand, use only spray when using an automatic washing service

Continue reading “Tips For Caring And Maintaining Your Vehicle Wraps”

The Most Effective Colours For Your Signage Depending On Your Industry

Colour creates a reaction in everyone. The language of colour is communicated quicker to the brain than words or shapes as they work directly on our feelings and emotions. Since people react psychologically to various colours, you should choose the shades that most closely identify with your business or company theme.  How the consumer reacts to the colour of your signage is a key factor in determining whether they buy from you or not, so this is an incredibly important decision.

Choosing the right colour for your signage is more important than what you imagine / Photo: Capture Queen ™ (CC Flickr)

Warm colours tend to encourage people to feel comfortable enough to relax and linger. If you want customers or clients spending extra time in your business or restaurant, you’ll want to pick from a pallet of colours that have comforting layers of oranges and yellows in them.

Yellow triggers the feelings of happiness, friendlyness and is the most visible colour in daylight. / Photo: MacBeales (CC Flickr)

Continue reading “The Most Effective Colours For Your Signage Depending On Your Industry”

4 Tips To Creating Successful Signage

In this technology driven, fast-paced world, people often talk about online advertising as the way to go to attract new clients. Of course this form of advertising is highly effective as part of a good marketing campaign but when it comes to really grabbing people’s attention; sometimes a good, old-fashioned sign can be the best bet and more effective in a company’s ability to acquire new clients.

signage_things to take into account
Photo: Nicolas Raymond (Flickr CC)


Successful signage all starts with brilliant design.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone has the ability to create effective and compelling designs. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking they can save money by coming up with the design themselves. Unless you are a trained designer or naturally gifted, 80% of the time you will find the designs will fall short of the mark.

This is a classic example of “You have to spend money to make money”.

Going through the correct avenues, with professionals that are specifically trained for the job, will always leave you coming out on the front foot.

2.- COLOUR, COLOUR, COLOUR Continue reading “4 Tips To Creating Successful Signage”

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